Two Poems by Sophia Argyris


In the morning birds fly
closer than the mountains
closer than the sky.
Below them, in the valley,
waits silence.

In the afternoon is thunder,
rainwater falling into water,
we slip in too, let ourselves sink
like memories wild and deep,
into silence.

In the evening fire lifts into the final
breathing of light, and on into darkness.
We are a circle with flames at the centre
and all around us
rests silence.



Soft darkness in the belly of the valley,
lightning blinks behind the mountain.
Here on the path fireflies
like earthbound stars.

I have always been here.
I never left.

I am full of the land,
the air, tall trees
and the water where
frogs send out ripples
and solitary fish swim
through stillness.

Keep me safe
and I will always be here
loving you.


Sophia Argyris was born in Belgium, spent much of her childhood in the north of Scotland, and currently lives in Oxford, England. Her work has been published in several journals including Magma, Prole, Reach Poetry, Structo and Under the Radar amongst others. Her collection ‘How Do the Parakeets Stay Green?” was published in 2014 by Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd.




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